Through the grace and mercy of Allah SWT and the generosity of our local community and many others, Azhar Masjid, under the management of qualified Islamic scholars, was established in Forest Gate in the heart of the London borough of Newham, a diverse borough with a rich history, and home to one of the UK’s largest Muslim communities. Our newly refurbished Masjid has been designed and constructed with the capacity to accommodate and cater for 450 worshippers in total.

Our primary aim is to serve the needs of the local Muslim community by providing them a facility for daily prayers and a place to seek Islamic education, through the variety of classes and other services we offer.

We also welcome those from various wider communities including Muslims and Non-Muslims, those of all faiths and backgrounds, by providing them with the opportunity to learn about and understand Islam through education and social interaction. We are committed to a prosperous Newham through promoting peace and harmony amongst all, and creating a positive image of Islam in society.