Azhar Academy Girls School is an Islamic school situated at 235a Romford Road, E7, which has been providing a high quality education to Muslim girls since 2003. Along with the full National Curriculum, we also teach Aalimah studies and Hifz of Quran Shareef. Azhar Academy Girls School’s total capacity is 280 and is a 2-form school. We can enrol a maximum of 56 pupils per year, 28 pupils for each class. With sincerity and for the pleasure of Allah, in collaboration with the parent community, our aim is to establish and promote a school that, under the broad framework of Islamic ethos and guidance, provides a broad and balanced education to our students, instills Islamic values in them, enriches the entire school community, promotes community cohesion and inspires an awareness of duty towards Allah, His Noble Messenger and the entire humanity.